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Two forums about cultural industry and space design to be held respectively for public to understand design and culture development, which can also discuss with design professionals from both cities.

Design and culture forum – Fashion design & cultural industries development


事實上全球的文創產業一直加強建設,無論在各個設計範疇的認知度丶影響力和輻射力等均十分注重。隨著產業的轉變,時裝設計師該如何把握機遇以提升知名度/業務發展? 兩城設計師聚首一堂,分享各自見解及討論。

Open Discussion


Mr. Freeman Lau, Secretary General, Hong Kong Federation of Design Associations


Ms. Janet Cheung Vice Chairman, Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association

Mr. Tong Wong, CEO/Founder, Kicers Group

Mr. Arthur Lam, Matador Couture, Creative Director

CEO, Shanghai Woo brand management Co. Ltd

Creative Director, Mindesign Creations Limited

Ms. Lyla Wu, LCEO, Neuni MateriO

Date 28 Aug 2017 (Mon)
Time 4:00pm – 6:00pm
Venue Neuni Lab, Room 102-202, 468 Jumen Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai
Speakers :
Mr. Arthur Lam
Matador Couture, Creative Director
Couture gown, custom made fashion designer
CWCA, Couture Wedding Club & Association
Vice chairman and Founder
Hong Kong Fashion Design and Association
Executive Committee
Foshan Qipao Association Image Consultant
Matador Couture Creative Director
Maestro Couture Creative Director and Founder
Hong Kong Wedding Merchant's Association vice Chairman
Mr. Stephen Sun
CEO, Shanghai Woo brand management Co. Ltd
The founder of WOO, Stephen Sun was immensely edified by the profound Chinese arts and culture. Before going to Shanghai, he had 15 years of experience in art work operation and management.
Dedicated to apply arts into daily life, Stephen with his deep understanding of arts and keen observation of the market, he decided on scarves and shawls as the carrier of arts, transforming a static beauty into a dynamic one, making such beauty flowing around women’s necks, enchanting women all over the world. In 2002, WOO was officially established in the Tianzifang Shanghai.
15 years passed, Stephen, with his inborn national complex and entrepreneurial spirit of hard work, will continue to bring beauty and arts to people’s life and to build a Chinese luxury brand with essence and perfection.
Mr. Richard Li
Mindesign Creations Limited
Richard Li - General Fashion Connoisseur, Furnishing Consultant, and Multidisciplinary Designer, Richard has established himself as an artist too distinctive to ignore. From designing casual comfort for Crocs and Tencel, to conceiving the interior for the luxurious Grosvenor apartments, his unconventional skillset and sense of exploring has made him the highly sought after talent he is today. Growing up in the modernity and Cantonese gusto of Hong Kong, Richard gained an appreciation of refined beauty and craftsmanship at an early age. It was there in the hustle and bustle of his birthplace where he honed his fashion design aesthetics. Graduating from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Richard was the first student ever as Winner of the Non-Knitwear Group of Young Designer Show.
 As a keen traveller and voracious consumer, Richard understands the importance of "Travel Light/Travel Right", which inspired him to launch the designer brand "Le Baag Voyage". His latest collection carries an eccentricity that unfolds through feature items such as the convertible jacket, the transformable three-in-one neck pillow, and the rainproof bag series. "Design is adding the extras to the ordinary; such is extraordinary design." says Richard regarding his work. Richard’s ambition to deliver an affordable Trendy Travelling Lifestyle results in a creation that reflects the kind of consumer he is himself. Adventurous, fearless, and boundless.
Ms. Lyla Wu
LCEO, Neuni MateriO
Lyla is at the same time a maker, an architect, a designer, an art curator and an educator. She studied at the National University of Singapore, Chinese University Hong Kong, the Southern California Institute of Architecture and the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. After graduation Lyla went to work for AEDAS in China, Greg Lynn Form in USA, Graft in Germany and other well-known architectural and design companies internationally. As an educator, Lyla is currently serving as a visiting professor at Tongji University, always in the forefront of research and education in digital design and digital fabrication. In 2015, Lyla founded Neuni_lab, a workspace that combine innovation and prototyping in a laboratory environment, providing experimentation and integration of digital design, digital fabrication, co-working space, creative education, brand incubation and commercialization.  In 2016, Lyla obtained exclusive right to collaborate with MateriO and founded Neuni Materio China in Shanghai, thereby becoming the first world-class Chinese platform that provide training, incubation and trading of innovative materials.
Mr. Freeman Lau
Secretary General, Hong Kong Federation of Design Associations
Born in 1958, Freeman Lau is a renowned artist and designer in Hong Kong. Freeman is currently the Founder of KL&K Creative Strategics, the Vice Chairman for the Design Alliance Asia (tDA Asia), a Director of the Board of Directors of the Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC), and the Secretary General of Hong Kong Federation of Design Associations (FHKDA). These years, he is devoted in promoting the design industry. As the secretary general of the Hong Kong Federation of Design Associations, Mr. Lau co-curated the 1st (2014) & 2nd (2016) "HK-SZ Design Biennale” with 39 design associations from Hong Kong and Shenzhen in various design disciplines including graphic design, new media design, fashion design, interior design, industrial design, etc. The success of the biennale is owing to the full support from different sectors in the society.
Since 1984, Freeman has won over 300 design awards and his design profession is developed in several fields including books, graphic design, packaging and poster design and so on. His most recent design achievements include “The Best Asian Designer” at the 2014 Asian Designers’ Invitational Exhibition in Korea endorsed by ico-D (2014), “Grand Award of DFA Design for Asia Awards” (2015), and “iF Design Award” (2016).
Ms. Janet Cheung
Vice Chairman, Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association
Following her studies in Fashion Design and Garment Techniques in the renowned “ESMOD GUERRE LAVIGNE” in Paris, Janet started her career as a fashion designer in London for 5 years before she returned to Hong Kong and continued her fashion design career working for several International and overseas garment wholesales/buying offices.
From 1983 to 1989, Janet was a full time Lecturer/Senior Lecturer for the Fashion Design Discipline of the School of Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic. In 1989, Janet launched her own Fashion and Uniform Design Consultancy Firm – Cobra Creation Company, which provides comprehensive Design & Consultancy Services to International Clienteles.
Concurrently, Janet also serves as members of many Major Academic and Design Advisory Boards including Universities; and Official non-governmental (NGO) & Government Organizations in Hong Kong.
Centre | Member of PMQ Studio Unit Assessment Panel

Vice Chairman, Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association | Director, Hong Kong Design Centre | Member of the Board of Member of the Advisory Group on Implementation of Fashion Initiatives, The Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, HKSAR | Member of the HKTDC Garment Advisory Committee, HK Trade Development Council | Member of the HKTDC Design, Marketing & Licensing Services Advisory Committee, HK Trade Development Council | Member of the CENTRESTAGE Advisory Panel, HK Trade Development Council | Council Member, Hong Kong Federation of Design Associations | Board Member of the Clothing Industry Training Authority, Hong Kong | Member of Advisory Committee for Institute of Textiles and Clothing, Hong Kong Polytechnic University | Honorary Advisor of the Department of Design, Caritas Bianchi College of Careers, Hong Kong | Honorary Advisor for Art,
Mr. Tong Wong
CEO/Founder, Kicers Group
Mr. Tony Wong, founder of Kicers Group (formerly known as “Lifestyle Centre Group”) has pioneered the development of “lifestyle centers” in Shanghai and the rest of China since 2002. Kicers Group's vision is to develop quality lifestyle space through integration of knowledge and capital.
Designers’ sharing
Date 29 Aug 2017 (Tue)
Time 2:15pm - 3:30pm
Venue Neuni Lab, Room 102-202, 468 Jumen Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai
Speakers :
Mr. Tommy Li
Creative Director, Tommy Li Design Workshop Limited
2005年被推薦成為AGI (設計師國際聯盟)會員。
Dr. Allan Chan
General Manager cum R & D Director, Winswin Ltd.
陳博士來自馬來西亞。 1978年獲得獎學金後,曾在香港理工大學時裝及製衣業學習,並在英國利茲大學進修,並獲得博士學位。陳博士在香港理工大學紡織及製衣系擔任講師前,曾於在新加坡和馬來西亞的服裝業工作。他去年十月退休前,曾擔任該部門的副局長。他發明了i.Dummy®機器人人體模型(fit-bots),獲得了許多國際獎項,如世界知識產權組織(WIPO)日內瓦發明獎和金獎,金牌設計與競賽,亞洲設計獎和 FashionTech獎。
他現在為Winswin有限公司擔任總經理和研發總監,負責監督i.Dummy® (fit-bots)在時裝界的進一步發展。