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4 July - 23 July 2017

Opening Hours:
10am - 10pm

3/F Forum, Eslite Spectrum Suzhou

4 July

The Five Elements
#collaboration #new model #new technology
Project Organizer / Company in Hong KongHong Kong Federation of Design Associations
Client / Collaborating Partner(s) in the MainlandPrivate Living
List of designer(s)Eliza Yeung

 “The Five Elements” has fully demonstrated how the Hong Kong/Shenzhen/Suzhou based company, SCOPO Strategic Management, utilized its network and connection to set up platforms and work closely with designers in Hong Kong to provide design solutions for a wide range of clients. Eliza is a fashion designer and the founder of the sportswear brand What L’s. She admires healthy living and the aesthetics of a balanced life.  Her design is inspired by the Five Elements in Chinese philosophy, which is the fundamental roots of the universe, between which interactions occur.  Aside from lighting things up, the reflection and refraction of light through different materials of the lamp bring calmness and comfort.  Eliza uses shapes - square, circle, and triangle in her design. The pattern of the Five Elements can be viewed from the bottom of the lamp. Different materials are used to form the patterns - the iron frame is ‘metal’, the wood chip is ‘wood’, glass is ‘water’, light is ‘fire’, and mirror means ‘earth’. Each face shows its distinctive texture and brightness.  

Milwaukee Fuel and Force Logic Series
#user experience #market expansion #cross-referencing
Project Organizer / Company in Hong KongTechtronic Industries (“TTI”)
Client / Collaborating Partner(s) in the MainlandMilwaukee Tool

Techtronic Industries (“TTI”) Industrial Power Equipment business unit, Milwaukee Tool, is an industry leading manufacturer and marketer of heavy-duty, portable electric power tools, accessories and Hand Tools. MILWAUKEE® leverages technology and disruptive innovation, delivering trade-based solutions to skilled tradesmen globally.

Techtronic Design in Hong Kong collaborates with Milwaukee Tool’s R&D and Product Development centre in North America and Dongguan, China. The results of this interactive collaboration is leading high-speed product development enabling the R&D, Design, and product development areas rapid response to market needs and emerging opportunities, providing a vigorous competitive advantage.

The robust collaboration is focused on three fundamentals: building complete product families around technology platforms, entering new businesses with product innovations, and providing accessories to support these product families. It also ensures that the design and engineering units in China benefit from staying abreast of worldwide consumer feedback and deliver important insights for future design opportunities.

#connection #collaboration #new model
Project Organizer / Company in Hong KongFederation of Hong Kong Industries
Client / Collaborating Partner(s) in the MainlandAce Mold Co Ltd / Arts Optical International Holdings Ltd / Champion System / Faze In Ltd / Fujikon Industrial Holidings Ltd / Re: echo Asia Pacific Ltd / Sails East (HK) Ltd / Sweda Group
List of designer(s)Kenny Li / Maurice Kwok / Gary Tsang / Steve Yeung

Federation of Hong Kong Industries (“FHKI”) brings together local designers, manufacturers, athletes and professionals in other sectors, collaborating together to co-create a new Hong Kong brand “MOZACCO”.

MOZACCO, the 100% Hong Kong original brand, was inspired by the exquisite art of mosaic. The main feature of Mosaic is the assemblage of small pieces or patterns, which would not only coordinate and form a brand-new image of full picture rich in colors, but also bring out special, and even stunning visual effects. Carrying profound messages and expectations, MOZACCO stands for co-creation and cooperation of Hong Kong industries, as well as the unlimited potentials that can be further explored.

The runner’s kit, including run top and shorts, race jacket, tights, sunglasses, visor, headphone, sports band, duffle bag and running pouch is the first series launched under the brand MOZACCO. A sports gear collection is chosen to promote a more vibrant, active and sporty community in Hong Kong.

#collaboration #new model #shift and changes
Project Organizer / Company in Hong KongHong Kong Federation of Design Associations
Client / Collaborating Partner(s) in the MainlandShenzhen City of Design Promotion Association
List of designer(s)Flip-Flap x ESMOOTH / PLOTCREATIVE x Xinlilai Decoration Co. Ltd / Eravolution x Right Home Furniture / Ling Wong x / Start Create Original / HARRISON WONG x KALTENDIN / MODEMENT x Season Wind / NowHere® Design Limited x AMISSVIE / Edmond Wong / x JUXI MALL / Patrick Tin x Private Living / Ron Leung x Comix / Little Importance Design Co. x Shenzhen City Zhuoting Culture & Media Co., Ltd / Mr. Hammers x CBON / Giormani x 1983ASIA / Giormani x woomoo / A-Fontane Company Limited x MICartsy / Beebi Peace x Alex Lee / Beebi Peace x TOP-DESIGN / TeamGreen x Ye Jianhui / ALANYIP x CABBLED / Genic Eyewear x Wenjin Yao / House of Avenues x Winnie Fong / AMENPAPA Limited x Fung Lin Garment (Shenzhen) Limited / Profilia x深圳黑龍室內設計有限公司 / Atelier J-AR x 3D MAKING LIMITED / Do Interactive x Power wood / Loom Loop x WITH SONG / Chocolate Rain x Loobot / Kinox x匠意工業設計公司 / What L's x XIANJIAN GARMENT FACTORY / SOVOS x顏隆萬 / Edmond Wong x Profilia / What L's x TML Porject / Favebykennyli x TML Project

‘NEXT BY D TWINCITIES’ is a brand that celebrates co-created efforts of Hong Kong and Shenzhen designers and enterprises, and demonstrates the successful collaborations between the two cities in design and business-matching. The brand aims to reflect the uniqueness of shared culture, lifestyle, preference and values.

During The 2nd HK-SZ Design Biennale, over 30 groups of designers and brands from Hong Kong and Shenzhen were invited to work together in design and production. More than 100 products have been produced and officially released at the grand opening of the Design Biennale on 17th September 2016, as well as exhibited and sold at different outlets.

In 2017, ‘NEXT BY D TWINCITIES’ continue to collaborate with different partners, including ‘My Good Goods Creative Store’ by Macau Design Center, ‘object a’ online platform and live house & restaurant ‘1563 at the East’ etc.. The 3rd pop-up store has been opened at D2 Place Two, The Barn.

Pro-Balance Kitchen Knives and Tools
#new model #new technology #shift and changes
Project Organizer / Company in Hong KongGolden Sun Home Products Limited
List of designer(s)Jimmy Ngok-wing Kwok

Pro-Balance of Hong Kong makes Red Dot Design Award-winning weighted kitchen knives for discerning chefs and other people who cut a lot. Pro-Balance Chef’s Knife features stainless steel construction and designed with a fine cutting edge & ergonomic handle. Their line of stainless steel knives features a hollow handle design and an array of removable weights so users can customize the feel and function of their tools to suit individual preferences. The quality knife offers exclusive function – weight distribution and optimal balance. User can use for a wide range of daily tasks: chopping slicing, dicing and mincing meats or vegetables.

#connection #new model #new technology
Project Organizer / Company in Hong KongPANORAMA
Client / Collaborating Partner(s) in the MainlandGrand Skylight Hotel Management
List of designer(s)Horace Pan

This is a newly opened boutique hotel in Chengdu China. The project aimed at developing a new mode of business hotel that cross-over hospitality and art-related business to cater the expanding local market of art exhibition and auction. Inspired by the hotel name ‘Skytel’, an abstracted interior landscape of sky, mountain and earth was created to provide multiple functions of hotel and art gallery.

Entrance lobby in white undulated wall-cum-ceiling spatial envelope with silk-screened texts provides transition from the busy world to an abstract and serene hospitality space. A temporary cloud-like art installation in the multi-functional exhibition zone greets customers through subtle interactive projection.

Reception and waiting areas provide casual settings of living room and follow the minimal colour scheme of white. Custom designed metal wall relief at reception area denotes bird’s eye view of Chengdu’s future cityscape.


The Club Reach
#connection #new technology #shift and changes
Project Organizer / Company in Hong KongCREAM
Client / Collaborating Partner(s) in the MainlandThe Club Reach
List of designer(s)Antony Chan

The Club Reach is a private club of 6400m2 designated for the enjoyment of a residential development’s 2500 units inhabitant. Situated at the heart of the development, the designer envisaged a grand garden ground with enchanting music, dancing colour fountain and beautifully lit landscape to welcome guests, greet its inhabitants off and returning home every day.

as a common theme came naturally into mind: celebration of the love of sport, the love of knowledge and the love of life that is colourful, playful and joyous. To celebrate this love, the designer curated a body of art work to integrate into the clubhouse, to promote the notion of art and living. Art works around the theme “Love” are not simply displayed as in galleries but intentionally interwoven into the design to provide vivid communication and experience. 

The Landwave
#collaboration #new model #shift and changes
Project Organizer / Company in Hong KongPAL Design Group
Client / Collaborating Partner(s) in the MainlandFinancial Company
List of designer(s)Dr. Patrick Leung

Located in the heart of the financial center of Shanghai, the Landwave is designed for a local financial company. The challenge is to break the stereotypical office setting and provide a new perspective based on the working pattern of the financial company. The concept of this office design is revolved by creating a fluid landscape in order to inject new energy and also providing a relaxing working environment. 

This new working landscape composed of positive and negative spaces - wrapped around with a radically aseptic combination of white corian and a layer of natural timber. As a result of the lopping envelope, a diversity of space was provided for meeting and interaction. The touch of an orange colour is to serve as the highlighter for individual zones. For the enclosed space, glass walls are installed as the divider between the private space and the communal area. 

Yidan Prize
#connection #collaboration #shift and changes
Project Organizer / Company in Hong KongDr. Kan Tai-keung
Client / Collaborating Partner(s) in the MainlandYidan Prize
List of designer(s)Dr. Kan Tai-keung

The icon is designed by internationally renowned designer Dr Kan Tai Keung. The overall concept is formed by two Chinese characters: “一” and “丹”. “一” is created with the traditional ink wash painting technique, generating an Oriental aura.

The geometric lines that go through this simple character form a door that leads to unlimited space. The red dot inside the door resembles a blooming lotus, which represents a loyal heart. It stands for the vision and big heart of an educationist’s commitment to building a better world through education.


#strategic management #interdisciplinary approach #integrated collaboration environment
Project Organizer / Company in Hong KongKL&K Design / Gobelins Company Ltd.
Client / Collaborating Partner(s) in the MainlandKAVON
List of designer(s)Freeman Lau / Kevin Yeung

A famous lady fashion brand in China. Freeman used orchid to signify the exquisiteness and intelligence of female image, invited Yabu Pushelberg, an internationally renowned interior design firm, to bring forward the brand image into the flagship store as a holistic approach. Apart from having more than 200 shops in the mainland, the brand has achieved profound recognition and impact on high-class lady fashion market.

#knowledge #interdisciplinary approach #integrated collaboration environment
Project Organizer / Company in Hong KongGreen & Associates (HK) Ltd.
Client / Collaborating Partner(s) in the MainlandPacific Coffee Company / World Wide Fund / Exception De Mix Mind

Recycling is one of our OOObject’s important concepts. It does also represent our question towards recycling.

After industrialization revolution, we enter the world of automation. Goods are produced, consumed & disposed quickly and easily. No one realizes the underlying crisis, until catastrophes, spread of virus, pollutions, extinction of animals & plants comes after us.... and what should we do? What is the ultimate solution in today’s polluted society? How to achieve a green community and sustainable world? 

After 7 years of researches & studies, green & associates has finally launched OOObject in 2009, in which the concepts of recycle, reuse & regenerate is applied. With new developed technology & systemic food recycling process, the whole production progress is enhanced to green without harm. 

We aim to deliver the green message to everyone, especially our next generation. If not, it’s too late before the end of the days. 


Uniform Design Project for Jinling Hotel
#strategic management #integrated collaboration environment #sharing knowledge and economy
Project Organizer / Company in Hong KongCobra Creation Co.
Client / Collaborating Partner(s) in the Mainland上海青禾服裝股份有限公司 / 廣州市百家洋服飾有限公司
List of designer(s)Janet Cheung

The new uniforms were designed by the well-known fashion designer Ms Janet Cheung, and they were tailor-made for the employee. The new uniforms were decent, made by fine materials, simple but stylish.

The new uniforms give the employee confident and initiate them to offer the best hospitality services to the customers. Therefore, the new uniforms acted as an important part of corporate culture in Jinjling Hotel.


#knowledge #interdisciplinary approach #integrated collaboration environment
Project Organizer / Company in Hong KongMilk Design
Client / Collaborating Partner(s) in the MainlandElmood
List of designer(s)Lee Chi Wing

Milk Design collaborated with Elmood to create a solid wood armchair, named WONG. The project intended to explore new elements and how they can be merged with the traditional way of solid wood furniture making as an appreciation towards our tradition and as a base for new development.

It is a very strong and smooth piece that can be daily used. Handcrafted with the inspiration of our tradition and its well-developed joinery system, the new design adopted the general application and created subtle variation on the joinery so that the chair carries a mix of classic Chinese beauty, balance, smooth, solid, and a beauty of modernity, simple, and elegant. 

Using a mix of white oak and walnut timber, the key new features include the seamlessly and beautifully built armrest and the special three-way joint that helps support the weight, allowing the chair to stand on only three legs instead of the standard four.


Fang Suo Commune
#user experience #cultural exchange #cross-referencing
Project Organizer / Company in Hong Kong84000 Communications Limited
Client / Collaborating Partner(s) in the MainlandFangsuo Commune
List of designer(s)AnotherMountain Man

Fangsuo commune is neither merely a bookstore nor a residential hall rather, it is an attitude, an opinion a bold attempt that utilizes the function of aesthetics in real life. a place originated in china; a platform where people embrace culture and esthetics; a shelter where intellectuality and emotionality. Fangsuo, a community where we learn together.

Fashion + Paper, Scissors and Rock
#reconstruction #cultural exchange #cross-referencing
Project Organizer / Company in Hong KongHong Kong Fashion Designers Association (HKFDA)
Client / Collaborating Partner(s) in the MainlandLai Yui-kwong / Luk Shu-choi / Luk Keung-choi / Chow Yin-wen / Kenneth Mo / Joseph Tso
List of designer(s)Koyo William / Meiyi Cheung / Kenny Li / Lo Sing Chin

The "Fashion + Paper, Scissors and Rock" showcases the work of five young fashion designers and artists who were invited to take part in cross-disciplinary collaboration with six groups of traditional craftsmen, creating works of fashion which showcase the culture of Hong Kong.

Koyo William Cheung collaborated with gilding master Lai Yui-kwong and created his work "Finding Balance in Life” to express the traditional Chinese philosophy of yin and yang and tai chi.

Inspired by copperware making masters Luk Shu-choi and Luk Keung-choi, as well as Cantonese opera headgear making teacher Chow Yin-wen, Meiyi Cheung created her work "Lost in Possession" without technology.

Kenny Li provided a new interpretation of Guanyin's costumes and created "The Six Hues of Guanyin" with paper-crafting master Kenneth Mo.

Singchin Lo created his work "Pass and Present" with Guangcai porcelain painting factory owner Joseph Tso by applying Guangcai patterns to fashion design and household items.


#interdisciplinary approach #integrated collaboration environment #sharing economy and knowledge
Project Organizer / Company in Hong KongFreeman Lau
Client / Collaborating Partner(s) in the Mainlandodm-design
List of designer(s)Freeman Lau

 This year, the year of 2017, has already been 20 years since the return of sovereignty over Hong Kong to the People’s Republic of China (PRC), where we celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the establishment of HKSAR.

In the design, the concept of a time dial is implemented where the numbers indicate the years from 1997 to 2047 in decades, matted for the years “1997 to 2017” and in the middle showing the current 20th Anniversary. Also emphasizing “One Country” and “Two Systems” in the foreground.

Where is it also a reminder while carrying the watch on the wrist as 20 years had already passed within the 50 years of promised unchanged period in Hong Kong. Along with celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the return of Hong Kong to China, we should also cherish and make good use of the time for the remaining three fifths of “One Country, Two Systems”. 

The Double Life of Madam White Snake
#market expansion #reconstruction #cross-referencing
Project Organizer / Company in Hong KongLoom Loop
Client / Collaborating Partner(s) in the Mainland温麗映
List of designer(s)Polly Ho

The collection is the modern interpretation of a great Chinese classic “Madam White Snake” (白蛇傳). Inspired by the heroine Bai Suzhen, strong, determined and feminine, the collection features beautiful detailed embroidery, Chinese braid and knots which magnify the brand’s East meets West DNA.  Prints are firmly in the frame, they made up of green mamba motifs injected with dashes of raspberry and summer fruits and striking graphic of black and white collage plaids and Chinese knots which represents good fortunate.  

True to Loom Loop’s philosophy the key look is relaxed yet expressive.  The use of the most luxury silk in the tailoring adds fluidity to the otherwise clean lines and structured silhouette. In contrast to the statement prints the collection also features pieces crafted in Canton silk, that are minimalist with subtle detailing and block colouring which accentuate the characteristics of this artisan fabric and allows this heritage fabric speaks for itself.


Nanjing Mandarin Palace
#revitalization #cultural exchange #cross-referencing
Project Organizer / Company in Hong KongSteve Leung Designers Ltd. (SLD)
Client / Collaborating Partner(s) in the MainlandNanjing Mandarin Palace

Nanjing Mandarin Palace Mansion is located in a cosmopolitan city and surrounded by greenery and mountains. It perfectly blends the spatial beauty, cultural aesthetics and art of living with its contemporary design approach, presenting an ultimate luxurious home with humanistic flatus. Through the set-up of “San kai san jin” (三開三進), the mansion embraces a contemporary Chinese architectural style with thoughtful spatial plan in several layers. With a beige palette and extensive use of silver travertine marble, wooden grille and black steel, designer subtly fuses delicate Nanjing elements, presenting a touch of oriental elegance to the host.

One Shenzhen Bay
#revitalization #cultural exchange #cross-referencing
Project Organizer / Company in Hong KongSteve Leung Designers Ltd. (SLD)
Client / Collaborating Partner(s) in the MainlandOne Shenzhen Bay
List of designer(s)Steve Leung

With the superior location and the stunning view, One Shenzhen Bay is the symbol of wealth and success, attracting the sophisticated upper class buyers and investors. With a contemporary approach, delicate layout and a palette of brown, the designers fully utilize the perfect location of the project to transform this 700 sq m unit into a subtle yet elegant living space.

Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Chengdu
#user experience #revitalization/reconstruction #cross-referencing
Project Organizer / Company in Hong KongThe Oval Partnership Architectural designers, Urbanists and Designers
Client / Collaborating Partner(s) in the MainlandChengdu Qianhao Property Co. Ltd, joint venture of Swire Properties Ltd & Sino-Ocean Land Holdings Ltd.
List of designer(s)Chris Law / Lin Hao / Henrique Almeida / Ronghao Li / Ray Wong / Peaker Chu

The project is internationally unique and one of the very few projects in China to combine the regeneration of the city centre urban fabric with large and generous public open spaces and uses for all, revitalising a major historical and cultural neighbourhood into a modern vibrant hub as part of the metropolitan CBD.

It revitalises a historic heart of the city with innovative architectural design and commercial planning well integrated to meet today’s mainland China consumer’s aspirations with flexibility to adapt for future changes The architectural style adopted is a creative modern approach embracing local spirit and reflecting the details and language of the traditional Sichuan style without using miscontrued replicas.


Watsons Water Bottle (special editions)
#market expansion #cultural exchange #cross-referencing
Project Organizer / Company in Hong KongKL&K DESIGN
Client / Collaborating Partner(s) in the MainlandWatsons Water
List of designer(s)Freeman Lau

Focused in the past on supplying distilled water to hospitals and offices, Watsons hoped to through creative concept to enhance their authoritative status amongst the water market in HK. Freeman, through creativity and design, positioned water drinking is part of the modern living. The positioning came along with the unique bottle design grounded the leadership of Watsons water as well as increased their market share of 20%.

Wuhan Wushang Mall International Cinema
#reconstruction #cultural exchange #cross-referencing
Project Organizer / Company in Hong KongOne Plus Partnership Limited
Client / Collaborating Partner(s) in the MainlandHubei Xiangsheng & Insun Entertainment Co., Ltd
List of designer(s)Virginia Lung / Ajax Law Ling Lit

The cinema design resembles a dramatic scene after an explosion, where the audience would feel as if they were in science fiction movies. Upon entering the cinema, audiences’ eyes would meet with the various-shaped and three dimensional boxes. Black and white 3D boxes of various shapes and sizes engulf the entire cinema, conveying a hint of futuristic and multi-dimensional feeling. Rectangular box-shaped concessions and ticket kiosks incline in different angles, camouflaging themselves in the background. In the auditorium, 3D square-shaped boxes of sound absorbing materials are freely distributed to point towards different angles, creating a spectacular scene. Along the corridor, several white metal pillars grow towards different directions, whereas objects were being placed randomly and scattered around. In the washroom, pillars elongate from the ceiling, minimizing the room space to create a sense of pressure. Square basins look like irregular objects that would only appear in the future.