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Innomacs Creation Ltd.
Hong Kong

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Established Year May 2007
Address 38 Hollywood Road,\\r\\nWing On House,\\r\\nlst floor, flat B,\\r\\nHong Kong.
Tel No. 28150176
Award 公司創意獲得認在亞洲專利授權業週年大獎中,獲最佳亞洲專利授權 及 最佳香港專利授權兩項提名; 2010中国经济发展论坛组委会及 商务部-诚信中国•第二届企业信用建设与创新发展高峰论坛認同.獲創意人物, 中国经济优秀人物, 创新先锋人物等荣誉称号項提名
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No. of Employees 1-5
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“Innomacs Creation Ltd. is a design company specialized in concept design. We enhance the brand image with Chinese literature that matches the brand value. We license our IP for brand building and daily objects. We encourage corporate slogans for social change and brand identification. The Company was founded by Ruby Yeung, known for her passion to fuse powerful and inspiring words with conceptual images through Chinese poetry and literature scenes. She has held managerial positions in notable organizations in the past. Combining her multimedia design skills with her interests, she has created a unique form to reinvigorate cultural and social values. This is done through IP licensing, gift & premium, media design, project design and online advertising. In addition, we also market our own brand “Innomacs “mini cards and souvenirs for events and functions. They embrace Hong Kong Identity, Chinese heritage and universal sentiments. Innomacs creative concept consists of following major elements:  Quotes from well known Chinese poetry, idiom or proverb  Essence of connection between the product/brand and consumers  Images to illustrate & augment the quotes/brand  Bilingual inspirational messages in both Chinese and English We welcome you to integrate brand for thought in daily life. Your customer will appreciate your product quality and the emotive value behind.